Intro to Tactical Pistol

Learn to react in unpredictable conditions!

Introduction to Tactical Pistol


8am to 5pm


*** Course Overview ***

The intent of this course is to take the skills you currently posses, and apply them to the real world level. It is relatively easy to shoot paper targets at a known distance on a static, stationary range… but should you ever need to defend yourself, the conditions will NOT be ideal… This class will cover the following…

Core Skills

  • Safety – Four cardinal rules explained as well as range safety.
  • 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship – Stance, sight alignment, sight picture, grip, trigger control, breathing and follow through. This skill set will be applied both in a dry fire application as well as with live fire on the range.
  • Presentation of the weapon – Weapon “ready” positions, trigger prep, head alignment, and finger placement on trigger.
  • The draw – standard draw positions, practical applications and common drawing errors.
  • Loading and unloading – Administrative loading/unloading of a firearm for daily carry. 
  • Reloading (Tactical and Emergency) – We will break down the steps of both types of reloads in detail, discuss the practical applications, and conduct live range drills for all scenarios.
  • Malfunctions – The three most common types of malfunctions will be discussed and induced on a live fire range. The students will understand the malfunctions that can occur and learn the proper techniques for clearing the malfunction and getting back into the fight.

Basic Skills

  • Driving the weapon – We will discuss and apply the following: the need for speed, leading with the eyes to engage multiple targets, target discrimination, being aggressive, driving our stance with our legs, eye movement/not head movement, common mistakes and testing our combat stance.
  • Turns and facing movements – We will discuss and apply the following: safety during movements, leading with our eyes, turning 90 degrees (strong and support side), turning 180 degrees (strong and support side), drawing as you turn, and possible alternate positions. 
  • Strong and support hand only manipulations and engagements – Strong/support draws from the holster, strong/support reloading, strong/support malfunctions, and strong/support marksmanship.
  •  Use of cover/shooting positions – We will discuss and apply the use of various shooting positions (standing, kneeling, and prone) utilizing various forms of cover. 
  • Shooting on the move – At instructors discretion, students will be instructed and apply various movement drills on a live fire range. 

In addition to the above mentioned training, there will be drills that are designed to induce a certain amount of stress to begin pushing the shooter to discover his/her limits as well as increase performance under stress.


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