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Duncan Gun Shop has been building, customizing and repairing firearms since 1990. We are proud to offer the fastest turn around times in the area. From the simplest repair to the most intricate custom job, we pay attention to the details. 

A list of services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning and general maintenance
  • Recoil pads installed and fitted to length
  • Choke tube installed, forcing cones lengthened
  • Barrels ported (rifle, shotgun, and pistol)
  • Various refinishing options
  • Stock finishing from spray on to hand rubbed oil finish
  • Rifle and pistol re-barreling using Douglas, Shilen, and Hart barrels
  • Cowboy action jobs on rifles, shotguns and revolvers
  • Customizing 1911 pistols
  • Complete restoration work for fire or water damaged guns or refurbishing an old family heirloom
  • Scopes mounted and bore sighted.
  • Installation of swings and swivels


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