Here at Duncan Gun Shop we frequently deal with first time gun buyers. We are excited to welcome them to the family. We wanted to cover some of the basics for someone considering buying a firearm that has no idea of how the buying process works.

-To purchase a pistol, you must be an NC resident 21 years old with a valid identification. Suppose you want to purchase a firearm from us and live out of state. In that case, we can allow you to purchase the gun and ship it to an FFL near you. Remember that you will have to pay shipping costs up front and cover the FFL’s transfer fee when it arrives at the FFL in your state.

-If you wish to invest in a rifle, you must have a valid identification and be over 18. You can be a resident of another state.

-You are no longer required to have a pistol purchase permit. When you come into the shop and pick out your firearm, we will provide the necessary paperwork to start your background check. We will take a copy of your valid identification and run a NICS check on you. (The same thing the sheriff’s office used to do.) 


If you have a valid North Carolina concealed carry permit before purchasing your firearm, we do not need to perform this check on you. Your permit serves as your background check. You still have to have your valid state ID present and your concealed carry permit with you.

A concealed carry permit from another state does not serve as a background check. We are required to perform the check regardless of your carry permit from another state.

The paperwork required to be filled out by you is called Form 4473. We cannot help you with this paperwork or tell you what to write. If you need help reading it, you must bring someone who can assist. 

Sometimes, when a background check is submitted, we get a response from the FBI that says delayed. They have 5 days to research your background and give us an answer. This only happens sometimes, but it can happen. If it does happen, we allow you to put the firearm on layaway. When it comes back good, you may return and pick your firearm up. If they deny you for any reason, we will keep your paperwork on file as required by the ATF. In this instance, you would be prohibited from receiving the gun. You will get a refund if you’re unable to make the purchase.

We will help you pick out a firearm that fits your budget and that you are comfortable with. Our staff can also recommend other things you need, like ammo, a holster, training aids, handgun vault, and eye and ear protection. We hope this has helped answer some of your questions, if you have any more stop in and see us or give us a call.